Born at Québec in 1954, Marie moved in the Outaouais region in 1975, where she continued her studies in psychology.

Once they were finished, she started learning art at the Cégep de l’Outaouais. She then enrolled in “Conseil des arts d’Aylmer” where she follows an introductory watercolor course given by Rita Rodrigue. She adopted the medium and assisted to several professional development workshops led by watercolorists of the region over the next few years.

Also, Marie is part of the “Atelier à contre-jour” workshop, under the supervision of Rita Rodrigue from 1983-1989. With this watercolorists group, she participated in three exhibitions; the first one at the café “Les Vielles Pierres” on Farley House in Aylmer in June 1984 , a second one at the “Centre d’exposition de Gatineau” in 1985 and a third one in the “Galerie du Pavillon des Artistes” in May 1987.

In addition, Marie has participated in 1985 to an exhibition organized by the “Conseil des arts d’Aylmer” and in November 1986, she exhibited at the “Théâtre de l’Île” alongside Diane Beauchamps.

In September 1987, Marie participated to the exhibition “Au mois de l’Aquarelle” organized by “Encadrements artistiques”, which includes ten known Outaouais artists.

In April 1989, she participated again in the “Atelier à contre-jour” exhibition in the “Centre d’exposition de Gatineau”. Between June and August 1991, she exhibited her works with two other artists; Sylvie Bergeron and Diane Beauchamps under the theme “Trilogie en Transparence” in the “Théâtre de l’Île” foyer, an exhibition of watercolors paintings and mixed media paintings.

In April 1994, Marie had a solo exhibit at the “Polyvalente Nicolas-Gatineau”.

Eager to improve and interact with other artists, Marie participated in summer workshops in watercolor Highwater with renowned artists from the Canadian Watercolour Society (ACS). She progressed at the Ottawa School of Art by following workshops with live models.

From 2007 to 2012, Marie experimented with other mediums including acrylic paint and mixed media workshops “Les Créations DIVERSIFORMES” under the direction of Louis Couture.

The “Dancing Moon Gallery” in Deseronto Ontario currently exposes Marie’s works.

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